House Building Finance Corporation - A Guide to Investors

House Building Finance Corporation : Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) is an expert public financial organization that finances both the renovation and construction of houses and buying residential apartments in all across Bangladesh and its headquarters is located at 22 Purana Paltan, Dhaka,. This is one of the oldest financial bodies in Bangladesh that plays the role of a middleman between the borrowers and the lenders. They have vast experience in both the fields and their success has been contributed by a lot of people. This article will highlight some of the features of an excellent house building finance corporation in Bangladesh.

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First of all, here are some of the important criteria to look for in an excellent house building finance corporation in Bangladesh. It should be duly registered with the government of Bangladesh. Secondly, it must be licensed by the government and should have a separate department for housing purposes. The department for housing finance is headed by a senior official of the Presidency and a Board of Directors which consist of members having varying functions.

The entire functioning is controlled by a board of directors who meet at zonal offices. In fact there are certain designated managers for each of the zonal offices. Sub-zonal offices are also known as sub regional offices. These offices are usually located in areas where high rate of development is noticed such as south, east and west. Most of these offices are directly supervised by the Housing Finance Offices of the Presidency.

The HBFC offers a variety of financial products for the borrowers and it can either directly or indirectly fund projects. As an example, the construction of new houses is one of its financial products. Other products include repairing and refurbishing, repairing and extending existing ones, selling property under rent to tenants, buying and constructing buildings with the help of financial instruments like commercial loans, commercial mortgages, and home equity loans. The main aim of the House Building Finance Corporation, however, is to provide housing for the lower income groups which it believes will largely contribute to the economic strength of the nation.

The HBFC was formed in 1965 at Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was headed by Mr. Khaled Ahmed and has had six regional heads so far. The first head office was established at Dhaka and it is currently located atocket 8/1 Gaziabad. The current head office is atocket 9/2 Gaziabad.

House Building Finance Corporation

The housing finance companies provide their customers with house construction loans and other associated financial services. They are able to do this because they have contacts and relationships with construction companies, builders and construction related institutions. They also use agents and consultants who have prior experience in dealing with these institutions. They negotiate the financial aspects with the institutions on behalf of the customer.

The HBFC has six regional offices which are: Gaziabad, Lentebur, Dhaka, Quetta, Bogor and Junkar. Apart from these, it also has one main head office in Doha, Qatar. Most of its regional offices are based in Dhaka, Quetta, Bogor, and Doha.

The HBFC has used a hybrid model of fundraising and lending which has enabled it to expand its regional offices rapidly. They have also used a form of indirect financing through which they have been able to fund most of their projects. The key to success for the building finance corporation lies in using contacts and relationships in the building construction sector. This has made them very successful and is the reason why they are amongst the top rated house building finance corporations in the world today.

An individual can find many opportunities to invest through the house building finance corporation. They offer a variety of capital options, which include the following: house building loans, house building finance, project loans and project purchase loans. Their specialty is to provide services to individuals and organizations that need a large amount of funds to undertake specific renovation projects. For instance, if an organization requires additional space for storing its equipment or additional furniture, then they can help you find a suitable place for these items. Similarly, if you want to upgrade your home and want to add additional facilities such as a swimming pool and gym then the HRFC can help you out.

They also provide financing for both renovation and construction. If you are planning to start a new business or are looking to expand your existing business then the HRFC can be quite helpful. On the other hand, if you are looking to expand your business and looking for a company that can provide you with long term financing then this is not the company for you. It offers a variety of short term and long term financing options.

Many of the HRFC investors are involved in the construction business, which has helped them to build many successful ventures. However, there are investors from all around the world, who take advantage of the house building finance corporation's good reputation. They have a long list of clients and partners, which includes some famous international companies.

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