United Finance : Know Where To Find A United Finance Customer Service Phone Number

 United Finance : In my previous article, I discussed customer service on United States carriers. The same principles hold for the United Kingdom-based banks. Banks in the UK are regulated by the FSA, which sets policies to help ensure they provide timely customer service, including following up on calls to customers to ensure they receive their banking services and ensuring they have enough hours in the office to carry out their business.

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It is important to note that the FSA does not regulate the calls made to customers, only received calls. So what can a bank do to improve its customer service? Add a customer service phone number to the voicemail box, or at the very least create a page on the website where customers can call to be put directly through to the appropriate people. This can be done using either an automated system or by adding a voice recording of an agent explaining the benefits of banking with them, which should prompt a call to the customer service number.

United Finance :  Know Where To Find A United Finance Customer Service Phone Number

It is also good to have the customer service number displayed somewhere visibly close to the teller counter. I don't mean just a small print at the top of the screen or a pencil and paper next to it. I mean a permanent fixture on the counter for all customers to see. Customers can then look over the sheet of paper and take down the information they want. If a customer service phone number is displayed on the computer screen next to the teller, that tells the customer service representative that they can be reached by simply clicking on that number.

It is also essential that banking customers know when they call in for assistance that someone will be available to speak to them. Having a voicemail box or answering machine for customer service can help. When people need assistance, they may feel more comfortable calling in if they know the person answering the phone will be someone they recognize. Sometimes banks have customer service departments that deal with technical issues only, and sometimes those numbers are transferred to an answering service.

The customer service phone number should always be prominently displayed somewhere in the branch. This will encourage banking customers to go up to an agent rather than staying on the phone. I recently had a situation with a customer struggling with a significant withdrawal from her checking account. She told me that she routinely calls customer service to ask for help. Never did she ever receive assistance until an agent showed up at her desk. Even then, the agent did not know how to help her.

In my opinion, it is even more critical to have a visible customer service number in the office. I once had a bank executive tell a customer, "you need to call someone." That customer never called again. The lesson was clear, never use an executive voice when speaking with a customer. Customers need to know where you are located, where you are available, and what help is available.

A customer service phone number should also be prominently posted on the website to go to the exact location at which they will be receiving service. Many people make the mistake of going to a bank branch and waiting for an employee to show up before talking to a customer service agent. A customer should know exactly where to go for service instead of wondering if the branch is open or not.

It is straightforward to forget where a United finance customer service phone number is posted. You won't find it on the United States Bank Website, your credit union's website, or any banking reference sites. Make sure you include a street address as well as a local number for quick and easy access. Make sure the telephone number is easily readable and pronounceable so that customers do not waste their precious time trying to contact a customer service representative.

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